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WAVES   |   June 27, 2024

posted by: Levi

Waves Audio has once again revolutionized the audio production landscape with the release of Waves V15. This new version introduces an array of tools and features designed to enhance your workflow, allowing you to create, produce, and mix with greater efficiency and creativity. In this blog post, we’ll explore the key updates and improvements in Waves V15 and how they can elevate your audio production experience.

The New StudioVerse Experience

One of the most exciting features of Waves V15 is the revamped StudioVerse experience. StudioVerse is the world’s largest online preset library for audio and instrument chains, integrated right inside your DAW.

StudioVerse Instruments

With the introduction of StudioVerse Instruments, you can now play and audition from thousands of custom-designed instrument presets. This new virtual instrument plugin allows you to create and share your own presets across different DAWs, making it easier than ever to bring your unique sound to any project.

StudioVerse Audio Effects

StudioRack has been redesigned and rebranded as StudioVerse Audio Effects. This updated plugin offers a streamlined interface, optimized search engine, and added tags and suggested presets, helping you find the perfect mixing presets faster and more efficiently. Importantly, StudioVerse Audio Effects is backward compatible with old StudioRack sessions, ensuring a seamless transition.

Enhanced MIDI Capabilities

Waves V15 expands MIDI functionality across the entire plugin catalog, providing greater flexibility and control in your productions.

MIDI Mapping

Now, you can map, save, and recall MIDI controller settings for almost all Waves plugins. Whether you’re on the road with a compact setup or back in the studio with a full-sized keyboard, MIDI mapping ensures you can quickly adapt your setup to any environment.

Parameter Locking

One of the most requested features, parameter locking, allows you to browse presets without resetting input, dry/wet parameters, or other crucial settings. This feature simplifies A/B comparisons and helps maintain consistency in your mixes.

New Features and Improvements

Waves V15 introduces several new features and enhancements to existing plugins, making them more powerful and user-friendly.

Sidechain Filter for SSL G-Master Buss Compressor

A new high-pass sidechain filter has been added to the SSL G-Master Buss Compressor, providing more precise control over your bus compression.

Dual Mode in H-Delay

The acclaimed H-Delay plugin now includes a Dual Mode, allowing separate control of left and right delay times. You can also choose whether ping-pong delays start from the left or right, adding more creative options to your delay effects.

Expanded Plugin Bundles

With Waves V15, popular plugin bundles have been expanded to include even more tools to fuel your creativity.

Bundle Additions

Improved User Experience

Waves V15 focuses on enhancing the overall user experience with higher-resolution graphics, core stability improvements, and more intuitive controls.

HiDPI Support

HiDPI graphic interfaces have been added for several popular plugins, including CLA Epic, CLA EchoSphere, Scheps 73, and H-Comp Hybrid Compressor, providing clearer visuals and better usability.

Favorite Presets

The new Favorites Presets feature allows you to save and manage your go-to settings, making it easier to access your preferred sounds quickly.

Bug Fixes and Stability Enhancements

Waves V15 includes numerous bug fixes and stability enhancements to ensure a smoother and more reliable workflow.

Key Bug Fixes

Waves V15 is a significant update that brings tomorrow’s technology to today’s workflow. With new features, enhanced MIDI capabilities, expanded plugin bundles, and numerous improvements, Waves V15 ensures that you stay at the cutting edge of audio production.

Update to Waves V15 today and experience the future of audio technology. For more information and to update to Waves V15, visit Waves.com. Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements throughout the year as Waves continues to innovate and improve the tools you rely on.

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