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At Tone Tailors Guitar Shop, we believe your tone is your signature. It’s what sets you apart. We are obsessed with helping you discover your unique guitar sound, which is why we proudly partner exclusively with industry leader Universal Audio to offer you the very best in guitar effects, amp modeling, recording equipment, and more.

For over 60 years, UA has pioneered game-changing pro audio tools for recording studios worldwide. Now, they’ve turned their focus to the discerning guitarist. Let’s explore why Tone Tailors chose to partner with UA, and see if their premium guitar products are the missing link in your rig.

Why Universal Audio?

Simply put – authenticity. UA specializes in creating the most genuine analog emulations in the plugin and hardware market. Meticulously modeled from exact vintage units, UA effects, amps and tools capture full warmth, nuance and harmonics of coveted tube gear three times the cost.

Yet unlike those heavy vintage amps and pedals, UA units are road-tough, reliable and consistent night after night. No microphonics. No repairs. Just pure inspiration whenever you plug in.

UA Makes a Difference

While digital can sound harsh and sterile, UA clips and overdrives in that sweet spot right before analog distortion. This balances pristine modeling with the soul of the original hardware. In a market flooded with copycats, UA stands apart. That’s why Tone Tailors chose to exclusively stock and support the full UAFX pedal range, UAD plug-ins for recording, reactive load boxes for home use, and THE industry-standard audio interfaces to capture your signature guitar tone with stunning quality.

UAFX Pedals

UA accurately replicates legendary gear unattainable for most guitarists. Using a proprietary DSP platform called UAFX, their premium guitar pedals feature exclusive analog modeling technologies that capture every subtle nuance.

Gone are sterile, harsh digital effects. Instead, UAFX algorithms factor in clipping diodes, fuzz transistors, tube circuitry, and other components that shape your tone. This brings back all the warmth and vibe of vintage units costing 10X more.

With robust aluminum housing, premium switches and connections, UAFX pedals are built for touring. No more zip-tying junkers to your board!

Stars like John Mayer, Zakk Wylde, Pete Thorn, and David Crosby utilize UA. It’s easy to dial in rich, responsive effects right for your style using the intuitive UAFX interface. Our staff is well-versed in every pedal’s capabilities and can suggest the perfect match for your needs.

We currently stock the full flagship UAFX line:

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UA Audio Interfaces

To capture inspired guitar ideas or record final tracks, you need responsive conversion and stellar preamps. Apollo and Volt interfaces from UA provide studio-grade sound quality so you can track in confidence.

We especially recommend Apollo Twin recording interfaces for guitarists wanting world-class tone in a portable 2×4 unit. Discover enhanced detail in your playing. Add richness and air around each note. The pure analog path preserves the integrity of your signal so nothing gets lost in translation.

A key difference is UA’s SHARC processors enable Realtime UAD plug-in processing as you track, free of latency. This means you can monitor through Neve preamp models, classic EQs, compressors and more to inspire your best performances.

We have Apollo Twin models in stock to experience this game-changing workflow. Hear your tone processed through classic gear exactly like your favorite records. It will change how you write, practice and compose.

When portability is key, Volt interfaces provide top-notch sound in bus-powered designs. Volt features next-gen mic pres, hi-Z instrument input, headphone amp and more so you can record anywhere inspiration strikes. We have Volt models available to demo.

It takes premium AD/DA conversion and preamps to fully capture the subtle articulate tones of a fine guitar. UA is the industry leader, trusted by top studios worldwide. Visit Tone Tailors to hear the difference UA makes.

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UAD Plug-Ins

Harness sought after vintage gear that shapes the sound of hit records every day with UAD Powered Plug-Ins.

From vintage EQs and compressors to tape machines, reverb, preamp models and more, UA expertly recreates the sound personality, vibe and grit of elite studio hardware in reliable plugin form.

We love tracking guitars through UAD’s Neve 1073 preamp & EQ to add fullness and sheen just like John Mayer and countless engineers. The 1073 smooths harsh overtones for fluid leads and rich rhythms.

For epic guitar reinforcing and doubling, the Cooper Time Cube delay offers analog-modeled sound with a multitude of rhythmic delay lines. Design cascading patterns under your tracks with crystalline repeats.

Add the punchy Dan Dugan Auto‐Pan for dramatic rotary effects. Or turn to the Ravel piano-style tone and movement you’ll love on ambient pads. For final mix polish, the Capitol Chambers reverb plug‐in sounds just like the chambers underneath Capitol Studios. Instantly put your guitar in a legendary space heard on records by Sinatra to the Beach Boys. Thanks to UA’s Analog Classics bundle, you can recreate channel strips from Neve, API, Helios and more mixing consoles that shaped the greatest guitar albums ever made. The creative possibilities are endless with UAD Powered Plug-Ins. Visit Tone Tailors to try them on your own recordings for free and monitor through our Apollo interfaces. Great tone starts here.

We genuinely hope this overview gets you excited to experience Universal Audio’s award winning tools hands-on at our shop. UA unlocks creative potential for all guitarists, from writing to recording to live sound. We’re confident UA has the missing piece to take YOUR tone and inspiration further.

Please come and visit us at Tone Tailors Guitar Shop at the amazing Rock Lititiz campus. Our knowledgeable staff would love to walk you through the full UAFX, Apollo and UAD line. We’ll help you discover the right UA workflow to reach the next level.

We’re open every day offering demos, system design consulting for home studios, gear expertise and financing options. We can’t wait to see you soon and send you home with tone tailored to your signature sound.

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