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PRS Guitars stands today as one of the premier electric guitar manufacturers, though their origin traces back to a modest garage workshop in Annapolis, Maryland. Founder Paul Reed Smith showed early talent for instrument building, constructing his first guitar in college as an audacious extra credit project. Though initially an arduous journey establishing his brand alongside industry titans, PRS persisted through endless invention and refinement. Nearly 50 years later, PRS thrives as both a steward of heritage and visionary musical instrument iconoclast.

Blending old-school craftsmanship with new frontiers of quality control and sustainability, PRS echoes the ethos of Tone Tailors. We share common values of research and refinement yielding inspiring tools for creative artists. As our shop continually strives to curate the pinnacle of guitar building past and present, we felt compelled to showcase the journey, achievements and offerings of PRS.

Maverick Soul, Traditional Roots

While PRS innovates resolutely, certain traditional tenets established early on endure. Co-founder Paul Reed Smith harbored deep reverence for vintage Gibson and Fender designs but envisioned modern refinements. He patented ingenious enhancements like the PRS patented tremolo bridge and tuning machines bringing unparalleled stability. PRS leveraged familiar tonewoods like mahogany and maple while pioneering use of exotic varieties like korina, swamp ash and certain maples.

Early on Paul embraced both traditional and radical shapes from sweeping double cutaways to sleek solid bodies to ornate single-cuts. Prominent use of decorative inlays and carving established PRS guitars as both traditional yet progressive statements. As the company grew, core models like the Custom 24, Modern Eagle and McCarty anchored the lineup while new series like S2 and Silver Sky explored new visual and tonal territory.

Forward-Thinking Production

Rather than cling stubbornly to tradition, PRS actively embraces technologies and techniques to improve consistency and sustainability. They reclaimed precious lumber from the Brazilian rainforest properly salvaged from reservoirs and dams. State-of-the-art computer modeling aids rapid prototyping of new concepts. A proprietary pickup winding unit brings finer precision. World-class woodworkers ensure every detail. Solar initiatives offset factory emissions.

PRS equally balances skill and efficiency, proven by seamless blending of hand-crafted and imported models. Their US-made guitars set pinnacles of perfection by leveraging both futuristic methods and old-world skill. A team of esteemed Maryland artisans build Private Stock instruments from scratch. Overseas production eases cost for Core and SE models without compromising quality. Across the board PRS infuses passion while leading fearlessly into the future.

The Guitar Range

PRS conjures some of the most stylistically versatile yet uniformly inspiring electric guitars available today. Models cater to traditionalists and radicals, vintage enthusiasts and modernists. While silhouettes, electronics and hardware vary widely, playability and acoustic richness pervade the full breadth of their offering.

Flagship hollow and semi-hollow McCarty, 594 and Modern Eagle variants mingle classic elegance with contemporary touches. The double-cut Custom 24 family carries the torch of 80s shred machines into present day. Sleek, stripped-down models like the CE and Silver Sky introduce new colors to the PRS palette. Extended range and baritone models unlock 7 and 8-string realms alongside down-tuned styles. Captivating exotic models adorned with vibrant dyes and inlays inhabit a class of their own. Behind the diversity lies PRS’s unified commitment to the guitar’s future while honoring its rich past.

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A New Frontier of Amplification

Seeking to provide a complete sonic ecosystem for artists, PRS leveraged their Maryland factory to launch an esteemed amplifier range in 2009. Partnering with renowned Texas designer Doug Sewell, the goal was boutique inspiration meeting seamless modern reliability. Just as with their guitars, PRS amps honor vintage tone pursuits while progressing the format.

The 2-Channel Custom, Archon, DG, and HXDA represent distinctive flavors of the PRS amp dynasty. Each model possesses unique character yet shared DNA. They uniformly excel at dynamic response and musical flexibility. Amp and guitar work symbiotically – wood and wire sing in harmony. On their own amps like the Archon and HXDA inhabit iconic niches, touting benchmarks like America’s ultimate high-gain head or most harmonically authentic Hiwatt revival. Behind the Glaswerks grill lies circuitry as artfully conceived as the guitars themselves.

The Tone Tailors Ethos

Our obsessive commitment toward curating inspiring instruments aligns seamlessly with PRS. From the factory floor to R&D labs to the hands of elite artists, PRS bleeds passion into every fret and capacitor. They stand testament that mass appeal need not compromise artistic integrity when core principles steer the company. PRS has no interest placating shareholders or playing it safe. They thrive on taking risks – artist-driven innovation and bold strides focused squarely on music’s future.

We feel honored to ally ourselves with this caliber of obsession. The upstart Maryland luthiers with big dreams now reside as esteemed statesmen of the guitar industry, though they retain their spark of defiance. PRS continues chasing the horizon, fearlessly fusing high-tech and old-school craftsmanship. That blend of tradition and brazen trailblazing makes PRS and Tone Tailors kindred maverick souls. We eagerly anticipate what fresh inventions Paul Reed Smith dreams up inside his haunted Annapolis garage next. The golden era of guitar building is very much alive and well.

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