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Need a simple setup to get your guitar show or studio ready? Maybe you’re looking to refret a 1940’s arch top guitar? Whatever you need fixed, Tone Tailors’ repair department is the choice of hobbyists and pros alike! Our techs give your guitar the time and attention it deserves every time. With several decades of professional luthier and production line experience, we’ll fine tune or fully refurbish your cherished axe.Get in contact with our techs today and we’ll make sure to help that guitar in need! Also, be sure to check out our FAQ below for lots of great information…

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    My guitar is completely busted… What can you do?

    While we do work wonders, miracles aren’t always on our repair menu! For common structural issues and upgrades we’re your shop. However, to know if your guitar is too far gone, bring it in and our techs will see if repair is possible.

    What kind of Repairs are Possible?

    We handle everything from restrings and setups to full rewires and neck resets. If something doesn’t quite fit into a category on our repair menu, we charge $1 per minute to get everything working just right. $10 to straighten a truss rod back to factory spec? Totally worth it!

    Should I make an appointment?

    Our techs have a call list of all our current repair jobs. Things like restrings can usually be done on the spot, however for more advance work it’s best to call or email one of our techs directly.

    How long do repairs take?

    It depends on the repair, but setups and restrings are usually completed within 48-72 hours from drop-off. More in depth repairs like refrets or neck resets can take several weeks, but we’ll be sure to check in along the way!

    Is Tone Tailors warranty-repair certified?

    Yes we are! For manufacturing defects covered under a specific brands warranty, it’s likely you’ll be sent here if something goes wrong. Tone Tailors has direct access to whatever resources and parts might be needed to remedy most defects. One thing to remember is that specific parts ordered directly from our brands can take time to source and ship, but we’ll keep you updated every step of the way!

    How do I become a repair tech?

    Our techs perform high standards of work on all sorts of guitars. If you think you’ve got what it takes, contact to see if you’re ready to join the team!

    How often do guitars require maintenance?

    String changes are the most common form of maintenance we see, and should be done once a month to keep your guitar sounding its best! If you play hard and often, you may even consider change your strings every week if they start losing tuning stability or sounding dull.

    The next most common form of maintenance is getting a set up performed nearly every six months or after every major season change. Differences in humidity and temperature can cause your guitar’s parts to shift and alter the way it feels and performs. Tone Tailors techs will make your guitar studio or stage ready without fail!

    How can I keep my guitar in good shape?

    The live music world can be a perilous place for delicate instruments! Whether you’re rehearsing or heading out for a long tour, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got the right accessories and protective gear for the long haul. Having regular setups is a good way to keep up with your guitar’s electronics, neck, and other appointments.

    Will Tone Tailors upgrade my guitar?

    Most certainly! We’ve got lots of aftermarket pickups, pots, pickups and brand-licensed parts to make your favorite axe even better! Reach out to one of our repair techs to see how they can help you bring your vision to life.

    Do you repair amps or other electronics?

    Currently, we don’t have an amp tech so these types of repairs are not possible. Given the nature of circuit boards in most pedals and other audio electronics, we don’t handle these either. If your amp or pedal is covered under warranty, we may be able to guide you toward a solution.


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