Raising Up the Next Generation of Musicians

What musicians give to the world is truly invaluable. Tone Tailors is dedicated to providing a space where everyone can learn and grow on their musical journeys. Whether you’re picking up a guitar for the first time or want to improve your existing skills, we’ve got a team of instructors ready to help. Our lessons leverage our industry experience and knowledge to make sure learners make the musical progress they’ve always envisioned.

Meet Your Teachers

Mark Ryan

Guitar, Bass

Anthony Pieruccini

Guitar, Piano, Bass, Ukulele, Banjo, Mandolin

Tim White

Guitar, Piano, Bass, Ukulele, Mandolin

James Lipka

Guitar, Bass

Rich Klimowicz


Carl Wierzbicky


Laura Keepers Headshot

Laura Keepers

Piano, Vocals

Our Lesson Studios

An Industry Resource

You’ll find Tone Tailors in the middle of Rock Lititz, an epicenter of live music production hosting the top performing artists in the world. This provides endless resources for aspiring musicians or dedicated hobbyists. As a dealer of some of the top guitar, bass, and drum brands, we can source whatever students need to continue evolving their passions!

Top Instructors for Top Results

Our instructors have a diverse range of musical backgrounds and can craft a lesson plan that fits your goals and style. Everything from rocking local stages to playing with your Sunday worship band and beyond are possible with guidance from our amazing instructors. Tone Tailors’ lessons studios are a perfect low-stress environment to gain confidence and get the right instruction needed for your individual musical journey.

Music Makes Everything Better

Playing an instrument is a fantastic way to gain self-confidence and enrich life in many different areas. Along with the fun of exploring a diverse creative outlet, music has been shown to improve memory, coordination, and helps one develop an even deeper appreciation of their favorite bands and artists. For young students especially, learning an instrument has been shown to increase math, reading, and social skills for life-long success!

Interested in Lessons?

Contact us below to begin your musical learning experience with Tone Tailors. We’ll work to find the best instructor for your goals and style. Why wait any longer to start your musical journey? Tell us what you need to succeed and we’ll make it happen!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer online lessons?

In some cases yes! Online lessons are available through certain instructors and is based on their schedules, as well as the resource students need to succeed in a remote environment. Ask your preferred instructor how they handle remote learning!

What lessons do you offer?

Tone Tailors offers guitar, bass, drums, piano and vocal lessons. Everyone from beginners to advanced players are welcomed to build their skills with our knowledgable instructors!

What’s to be expected for the first lesson?

Each Tone Tailor’s instructor works to customize the learning experience for maximum fun and efficiency. Starting slowly and carefully building new concepts each lesson will help to keep a pace that’s right for you. Learning exercises and ways to build skills at home makes it easy to continue on your own!

What’s the curriculum like at Tone Tailors?

Our instructors work with each student to plan their ideal musical learning experience. After focusing in on your goals and influences, you’ll build momentum with your instructor one lesson at a time. In most cases, learning the basis of music theory and essential techniques will evolve into integrating greater concepts down the line. At Tone Tailors you can make your lessons experience as advanced or as basic as you like.

What if I need to cancel a lesson?

Each instructor has their own policy on how they handle cancellations. In, most cases you’ll need to contact your instructor directly 24 hours prior to the lesson. We strive to make sure your schedule grooves along with your musical journey!

How long are the lessons?

Typically, lessons are 30 minutes at a time, however there are options for longer sessions depending on your instructor’s schedule. Shorter lessons tend to work well for younger students or beginners. Advanced learners might want to focus on finer techniques and more complex areas of music with longer sessions. Work with your instructor to find the perfect balance!

Who can take lessons?

Tone Tailors offers lessons for all ages and skill levels – Take that first step in learning the instrument you’ve always dreamed of playing!

Each of our instructors has teaching experience with kids, adults, and seniors too. Whether your goal is learn a few tunes, start a band, or even write your own music, Tone Tailors’ instructors are ready to help you make music a reality.

What are the lesson rooms like?

Tone Tailors has 4 private lessons studios, each with sound isolation to ensure your learning experience is as efficient as can be. Inside you’ll find all the resources needed to help your lessons run smoothly; Amps, keyboards, drum sets, you name it!

Additionally, parents and others are welcomed to enjoy our waiting area with comfortable seating and complimentary WiFi.

How much practice should I plan for beyond my lessons?

Practice is something that everyone approaches differently, but your instructor will likely recommend about a half hour per day. We’re confident that once you start getting the hang of things, you won’t want to stop the music!

What additional benefits are there to playing music?

Learning an instrument is an incredibly empowering experience. The confidence gained from playing a song or jamming with a group is invaluable. As your skills improve you’ll be able to explore music with a deeper appreciation than ever before!

Additionally, playing an instrument has been shown to enrich many areas of one’s life. Improved memory, better coordination, higher self-esteem, and just down-right fun are some of the top perks to learning an instrument. From students to seniors, music only adds to what you already enjoy!

Why should I choose Tone Tailors Lessons?

Deciding to pick up a new instrument? Is your child’s school recruiting for this year’s jazz band or orchestra? Maybe you haven’t played in years and need a refresher? Whatever the case, Tone Tailors’ instructors are ready to help you or your budding musician note by note.

Don’t worry about the skill level you bring to our lesson rooms, we just care about your confidence when leaving for the stage, studio, friendly jam session, and beyond.

Our instructors come from a diverse background of professional musical settings and can guarantee a tailored experience to reach your goals.

Stop waiting to finally learn an instrument and contact one of our instructors today!


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