Pedal of the Week: The Warm Audio ODD Box V1

Pedal of the Week   |   January 31, 2024

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Enter the Warm Audio ODD Box V1, affectionately known as “ODD” – an indispensable hard-clipping, op-amp-based overdrive unit that captures the elusive “cranked amp” essence reminiscent of revered pedalboard classics.

Whether your goal is to amplify, induce breakup, or infuse high gain into pristine cleans, the Warm Audio ODD Box V1 embodies the sonic adaptability of its original inspiration, the OCD by Fulltone. Transporting you into the realm of a fully unleashed, saturated tube amp, the ODD boasts timeless controls, complete with a discreet UK/US Switch, seamlessly transitioning between a “British” and “American” tube amp personality. Staying true to its origins, the ODD encapsulates the colossal, live electric guitar sounds that have enticed notable players like Billy Gibbons, Mark Hoppus, Eric Johnson, J Mascis, Paul Gilbert, and many more to the captivating allure of open tube amp tones.

Unleash Your Amp’s Tone Anywhere

The ODD effortlessly introduces the coveted “amp-in-a-box” tone to any performance space or recording studio. Merging heightened touch sensitivity with potent drive and tone controls, this pedal resonates like a complete stack of amps, unfazed by volume constraints. The incorporated UK/US switch guarantees an authentic cranked-amp tone with any guitar or amplifier setup. Engineered for precision and authenticity, the ODD adopts through-hole construction techniques using premium components, featuring a TLO82CP Op-Amp, 2N7000 transistors, and carefully selected capacitors and resistors.

Pedal Settings & Controls

At the forefront, the Warm Audio ODD presents three essential OD controls, complemented by a distinctive addition. The Drive knob governs the degree of clipping or “overdrive” tone, while the Tone control accentuates treble with clockwise adjustments. The Volume control serves as a master output, elevating volume with clockwise turns. The UK/US switch adeptly transforms the ODD’s character – the UK setting bestows early distortion, enhanced upper mids, and amplified volume, yielding a cranked, “chimey” amplifier tone. In contrast, the US setting provides more clean headroom, initially acting as a boost and seamlessly aligning with traditional tweed-based “edge of breakup” amplifier tones.

Technical Specifications

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