Warm Audio RingerBringer – Analog Ring Modulation Pedal

New Gear Day   |   February 13, 2024

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In the vast landscape of musical exploration, there exists a niche that beckons to the bold, the avant-garde, and the intrepid sonic voyagers. It’s a realm where traditional boundaries are shattered, and new sonic frontiers are forged.

At the heart of this territory lies the Warm Audio RingerBringer, a pedal that embodies the spirit of experimentation and pushes the boundaries of analog sound manipulation.

Warm Audio RingerBringer

From the ethereal whispers of light Lo-Fi modulation to the bold, uncharted territories of infinity ring-modulation, the RingerBringer stands as a faithful recreation of the ultimate all-analog ring modulation effect. Loved by trailblazing artists such as Jeff Beck, Radiohead, Omar Rodríguez-López, Trent Reznor, and many more, this pedal encapsulates the essence of sonic innovation.

But the RingerBringer is not merely a tool for replication; it is a catalyst for creation. With its extensive array of controls – including LFO, MOD, Frequency, and RATE – this pedal empowers musicians to sculpt their sonic landscapes with precision and passion. Whether you’re weaving intricate layers of frequencies or sculpting otherworldly harmonics, the RingerBringer invites you to explore the limitless possibilities of sound.

Warm Audio · Jangle Tones – Ryan “Fluff” Bruce

Crafted with premium components, including hand-selected op-amps and transistors, the RingerBringer ensures a true-to-spec performance that captures the essence of its boutique analog predecessor. This is no mere emulation or “patch”; it is a genuine testament to the artistry of analog sound.

Technical Specifications:

– 100% Analog Ring Modulation Pedal with LFO, MOD, Frequency & RATE Controls

– Accurate Recreation of the Ultimate Ring Modulator for Experimental Tones

– Premium Components Including LM13700M & TL072ACDR Op-Amps + Hand-Selected Transistors (DMMT3906W & MMBT3904) for True-To-Spec Performance

– LFO Controls: Amount, Rate, & Sine/Square Wave Switch

– Modulation Controls: Mix, Frequency, & Lo/Hi Switch

– Universal Drive Control + LED Indicators for Level, LFO, & Bypass

– CV Inputs: Rate | Amount | Mix | Frequency- 1/4″ Input Jacks: Audio In | Audio Out | LFO Out | Carrier IN/Out

– Output Impedance: 600 Ohms | Buffered Bypass

– 9-Volt Battery or External 9V Regulated (Center-Negative) DC Adapter

– Nominal Current Draw: 100 mA (9V)

– Custom Black Panel Enclosure with Retro Faux-Wood Sides

– Dimensions: 6.5” x 5.25” x 3” | Product Weight: 1.90 lbs

In a world where conformity often reigns supreme, the Warm Audio RingerBringer stands as a beacon of innovation and individuality. It is a tool for those who dare to defy convention and forge their own sonic destinies. With the RingerBringer as your guide, the possibilities are endless, and the journey is yours to chart. Venture forth into the realms of experimental sound and let your creativity soar.


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