Clash of the Chorus Legends: BOSS CE-2W vs DC-2W

BOSS   |   March 20, 2024

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The CE-2W: A Chorus Classic Reborn

First, let’s take a closer look at the CE-2W. This pedal is a faithful recreation of the legendary CE-2 Chorus, which was first introduced in 1979 and quickly became a staple on pedalboards around the world. The CE-2’s lush, shimmering chorus effect has graced countless recordings and remains a favorite among guitarists to this day.

The CE-2W takes everything that made the original CE-2 great and elevates it to new heights. In Standard mode, the pedal delivers a perfect replica of the CE-2’s iconic sound, complete with its warm analog charm and rich, three-dimensional character. But the CE-2W doesn’t stop there – it also offers an expanded feature set that includes stereo output, which was not available on the mono-only CE-2.

In addition to Standard mode, the CE-2W also boasts a CE-1 mode, which faithfully reproduces the sounds of the elusive CE-1 Chorus Ensemble, the very first chorus pedal ever created by BOSS. In this mode, players can access both the chorus and vibrato effects of the CE-1, along with a variable depth control that wasn’t present on the original unit.

Under the hood, the CE-2W features premium all-analog circuitry, including a bucket-brigade delay line (BBD) that’s essential to achieving that classic chorus sound. The Rate and Depth knobs allow for precise control over the modulation speed and intensity, enabling players to dial in everything from subtle, shimmering textures to rich, pulsating swirls.

The DC-2W: Unlocking the Secrets of the Dimension

Now, let’s shift our focus to the DC-2W Dimension C. While often mistaken for a chorus pedal, the Dimension is actually a unique spatial effect that enhances the width and depth of your sound without the prominent modulation associated with traditional chorus effects.

The DC-2W is based on two legendary studio effects: the DC-2 Dimension C pedal from 1985 and the SDD-320 Dimension D rack unit from 1979. The Dimension D, in particular, has been a closely guarded secret among audio engineers and producers, appearing on countless hit records across all genres.

What sets the Dimension effect apart is its ability to create a sense of space and movement without sounding overtly processed. It’s a subtle yet powerful tool that can make any instrument sit better in a mix, adding depth and dimension without overwhelming the source material.

The DC-2W offers two distinct modes: Standard and SDD-320. In Standard mode, you get the exact sound of the original DC-2 pedal, which was designed specifically for mono sources like guitar. The SDD-320 mode, on the other hand, authentically recreates the Dimension D rack unit, which supported both mono and stereo inputs.

One of the most exciting features of the DC-2W is its expanded control set. While the original DC-2 and Dimension D relied on mechanical switches to access different sound variations, the DC-2W employs electronic switches and status LEDs for improved reliability and flexibility. By pressing two switches simultaneously, players can access a total of 20 different Dimension variations across both modes – a significant upgrade from the limited options available on the vintage units.

Like the CE-2W, the DC-2W benefits from Waza Craft’s commitment to analog audio excellence. The pedal features a newly designed internal bypass circuit that improves upon the original DC-2, ensuring a pristine signal path when the effect is disengaged. It also includes a premium buffer circuit for transparent tone preservation when the pedal is bypassed.

Choosing Between the CE-2W and DC-2W

So, which pedal should you choose? The answer largely depends on your specific needs and musical preferences. If you’re seeking that classic, lush chorus sound that has defined countless guitar recordings, the CE-2W is hard to beat. Its ability to deliver both the iconic CE-2 and CE-1 sounds, along with the added versatility of stereo output and variable depth control, makes it an incredibly compelling choice for chorus aficionados.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a more subtle spatial effect that can enhance your sound without drawing too much attention to itself, the DC-2W might be the better option. Its Dimension effect is a unique and powerful tool that can add depth, width, and character to any instrument or mix, making it a secret weapon for guitarists, keyboardists, and producers alike.

Ultimately, both the CE-2W and the DC-2W showcase the very best of BOSS’s Waza Craft line, offering players uncompromising analog tone, expanded creative possibilities, and the build quality and reliability that BOSS is renowned for. Whether you opt for the lush, modulated tones of the CE-2W or the subtle spatial magic of the DC-2W, you can be confident that you’re investing in a pedal that will inspire your playing and elevate your sound for years to come.

In the end, the BOSS CE-2W and DC-2W represent two distinct yet equally impressive approaches to crafting boutique-quality chorus and spatial effects. As part of the esteemed Waza Craft series, these pedals embody BOSS’s unwavering commitment to analog audio excellence, seamlessly blending vintage character with modern refinements. Whether you’re a die-hard chorus fan or a tone-chaser seeking to unlock the secrets of the legendary Dimension effect, these pedals offer an unparalleled tonal experience that will keep you inspired and creating for countless riffs, licks, and compositions to come.

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