Discover New Creative Potential with Suhr’s Discovery Analog Delay

Suhr   |   November 9, 2023

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Key Features of the Discovery Analog Delay

Here’s an overview of some of the top features that make the Discovery stand out:

Suhr has taken a bold new step into the pedal world with the release of the Discovery Analog Delay. This innovative pedal captures the warmth of analog delay while providing modern features that offer unmatched creative control. As a premier Suhr dealer, we took an in-depth look at what makes the Discovery stand out.

Analog Heart, Digital Brain

At the core of the Discovery are four reissued MN3005 bucket brigade chips that produce the rich, musical tonality analog delays are prized for. This vintage-flavored signal path retains that classic analog magic. Yet Suhr went beyond pure analog circuitry by adding digital control features. There are 127 presets to save your favorite delay settings. You can recall sounds instantly via the onboard footswitches or MIDI. Full MIDI implementation allows integrating the Discovery into complex rigs. Every knob and parameter can be controlled through MIDI. You can even send patch change commands to other MIDI pedals.

Intuitive Hands-On Control

While the digital features expand possibilities, the Discovery still gives you intuitive real-time control. The three main knobs – Mix, Time, and Regen – make it easy to shape the core aspects of any delay. The Mix knob dials in the wet/dry balance. Roll it back for a hint of echo or crank it for trippy 100% wet effects. The Time knob sweeps delay time from a tight 40ms slapback to a cavernous 1100ms. For precision timing, use the tap tempo or delay division modes. Regen controls the number of repeats, taking you from a single echo to endless oscillating patterns.

Advanced Tone Shaping

Beyond the basics, the Discovery provides studio-level tone-shaping abilities. The High and Low Cut filters let you craft the frequency response of the repeats. Cutting highs results in warmer, darker analog character. scooping midrange focuses the delay in a mix. Rolling off low end creates airy echoes. The modulation section adds vintage waver, chorus textures, and more. Adjustable speed, depth, and diverse waveforms allow limitless modulating effects.

Save, Access and Switch Between Presets

A key benefit of the Discovery is its ability to store presets. You can dial in delay settings and save them in any of the 127 presets. This makes it easy to save go-to sounds and access them instantly during a performance. To save a preset, press the Preset Select button, choose a preset to edit, set your delay settings, and save. Retrieving a preset is equally simple. Hold the Tap footswitch to enter Preset Mode, then scroll through presets with the Tap and Bypass footswitches. Connecting an external 2-button footswitch allows hands-free preset switching on the fly. Keep your hands on the guitar at all times when changing sounds.

Expression Pedal Control Opens Up Endless Possibilities

The Discovery allows even greater real-time control by connecting expression and footswitch pedals. Plug in an expression pedal and map it to any delay parameter, like Mix or Time. The pedal mapping can be saved per preset for dynamic effects.

Some cool sounds you can create:

Alternatively, hook up an external footswitch for remote control of Tap and Bypass functions while playing. With the Discovery, Suhr has achieved something truly special – an analog delay with vintage soul and forward-thinking versatility. This pedal covers all the bases. From classic echoes to warped pitch-shifting and ethereal reverbs, the Discovery provides unlimited inspiration. Experience this one-of-a-kind analog delay yourself at our shop today!

The Future of Analog Delay is Here

After extensively playing through the Discovery, one thing is clear – this pedal provides next-level analog delay tones and creative options in one powerful package.
The intuitive hands-on control over every aspect of delay, plus the deep MIDI integration and expression pedal options make this the most versatile analog delay out there.
Whether you need classic echo, ambience and reverb, or experimental sound design, the Discovery covers it all. Experience this forward-thinking analog delay yourself by stopping by Tone Tailors today!

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