Meet the Band

Steve Miller


Overall description of yourself. Who you are, where you are from, a little industry background.

Born and raised in the Chicagoland suburb, Villa Park, IL where I spent the majority of the time playing Ice Hockey, Guitar, racing BMX Bikes and flying small Aircraft. I cut my teeth in the music industry working for Fender Musical Instruments and began customizing many guitars outside of the work place. This has been a lifelong passion that I’m fortunate to be able to continue with Tone Tailors!

What do you play?

Guitar and Bass

What band did I play in, in the past?


Other hobbies you enjoy?

Enjoying music, researching topics relevant to our current world conditions, watching light-hearted videos and having fun with family and friends!

Favorite food?

Portillo’s Italian Beef sandwiches… That’s how I maintain my sleek figure!

Top 5 pieces of gear you own/use?

Hand-built Semi-Hollow Telecaster, Fender Strat, Fender Tele, Gretsch Rat Rod, Hand-built PRS style guitar.

Holy Grail gear item?

Diaz CD-100 Amplifier

Bucket list item?

Private Stock PRS

Top 5 bands:

Big Country, Bob Mould, Dinosaur Jr, Band of Horses, Rage Against the Machine… Too many to list!

Best concert you have seen?

Big Country

Cool local bands you think everyone should know about?

Need to get out and see more shows and I’ll get back to you!

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