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JP Painton

Owner & Partner

Overall description of yourself. Who you are, where you are from, a little industry background.

I grew up locally and have always wanted to be part of growing the music community and offerings in Central PA. I went to school for recording technology and have always been interested in how sound works. I really like listening to music and trying to understand how they came up with the sounds/ tones/ layers etc. It always amazes me the number of hands and level creativity that goes into developing the music we know and love. I have worked in some studios and run live sound in several venues throughout the years. I ended up in music retail around 2007. Getting musicians the gear they need to develop their sound is a passion. I want to continue to develop our local music scene and create a community that supports music and lets up and coming musicians become everything they want. Talent needs to be developed and cultivated so that it can thrive.

What do you play?

Guitar mainly. Occasionally piano and drums

What bands do you play in or have in the past?

I have been in and out of several original bands over the years. Most of them were for fun and didn’t get any further that playing in the garage.

Other hobbies you enjoy?

I have always enjoyed skateboarding and soccer.

Favorite food?

Pizza as an all around everyday go to.

Top 5 pieces of gear you own/use?

Warrior Soldier silver, Peterson Strobostomp, Groff Imperial, Sony Oxford Plugins

Holy Grail gear item? Bucket list item?

Soldano Slo-100 with a 2×12 cabinet

Top 5 bands

Best concert you have seen? or experience

I’ve been able to hang with a lot of cool bands over the years. The experience of being backstage and seeing how all the wheels turn to make it all happen is pretty awesome. I’ve been able to sit in with many techs and get the full effect of some very large concerts. This being said, the best concerts have been alongside some of these experiences making for very memorable nights.

Cool local bands you think everyone should know about?


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