Meet the Band

Connor Smith

Marketing Specialist

Overall description of yourself. Who you are, where you are from, a little industry background.

I’m Connor Smith, a self-taught multi-instrumentalist and recording engineer. I grew up in Lebanon, PA and live in Lancaster city. I spend a lot of time teaching myself how to function in live and studio environments, all while striving to create unique music and experiences for audiences and myself.

What do you play?

Guitar, bass, drums, vocals, and some keys.

What bands do you play in or have in the past?

I play with my own original self-produced band called Phase Materia. It’s a Hermetic, dark-psych rock band with melodic and retro elements. If you’re heavy into angelic occult thought and sounds, check us out!

Other hobbies you enjoy?

If I’m not working on music, I’m hiking and foraging for mushrooms and herbs with my girlfriend. Also I’m really into health supplements and philosophy.

Favorite food?

Probably like a certain kind of sandwich or something… Maybe even some good sushi or Asian fusion rice bowls. I’m not too sure, I just like healthy, wholesome stuff.

Top 5 pieces of gear you own/use?

My top pieces of gear would be my HX Effects by Line 6 coupled with a Strymon Iridium. I have a Rickenbacker 620 in Turquoise that I love, and a Boss PS-3 that’s one of my favorite pedals. The last piece of gear is my current MacBook Pro because it brings everything together for creation.

Holy Grail gear item? Bucket list item?

Probably a nice late ‘60s or ‘70s Ludwig kit in a pearloid / abalone finish. I’d also love a Rickenbacker 4003 at some point.

Top 5 Bands?

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard is one of the greatest bands of my generation. I also severely love and appreciate Vinyl Williams, a celestial psych-pop artist who strives for the ineffable. Fleet Foxes is also one of my favorite bands; they’ve just written so many deeply quality tunes. Gold Celeste is a band from Norway I’ve really been digging. Recently I saw Foxy Shazam and their live show was just so energetic I’ll mention them here too. The whole favorite band thing is always hard because it’s pretty antiquated.

Best concert you have seen?

The best concert I’ve seen was probably Sigur Ros in Philadelphia in a concert hall. The visuals and depth to their live performance (as a three-piece no less) was one of the most intense and well-choreographed experiences I’ve ever enjoyed.

Cool local bands you think everyone should know about?

Our good friends Denny Zinger are true rock progenitors – check them out when you can! Sun Not Yellow is a great act you need to know, as well as Ben Ginder Group, Linder the Geek, and of course all of the Tone Tailors family bands and affiliates.

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