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Tone Tailors offers the highest-level customer experience, boutique gear and repair services for the artist looking to create their musical signature.

The Tailors

John LeClair learned the intricacies of modifying and repairing gear early in life. His passion for playing music evolved into a passion for gaining a deeper understanding of guitars and gear, and in 2003, he decided to pursue his Luthier certification. After graduating from John Marshall’s Luthiers International in Snellville, GA, where he learned to build custom guitars, he began cultivating a small home business, doing repairs on string instruments as well as effects pedals. Expanding upon that training, John is also now building amplifiers and effects pedals. His deep understanding of tone, vintage and modern, is extraordinary. When it comes to gear, he is a human computer, and his effort to stay abreast of the most up-to-date advances in the market is what drives him.
Jon Paul has a background in studio recording and live sound along with 10 years of retail sales. He has also established himself in the music community by helping to start a local boutique amplifier company. With this experience he looks to continually communicating with customers so that we can outfit the store according to their needs. Getting the right gear in the hands of the right person is the number one priority. Jon Paul has a passion for creating quality businesses in Lancaster so that he may help the growth happening here.
As employees, we will be constantly familiarizing and testing the products as to gain the expertise to make educated recommendations to our customers. We will host VIP events and tone classes to help our customers better understand the art of the guitar and playing it. We will be continually researching new companies and their products so that we may stay ahead of the curve on the boutique market. Much like a tailor shop fits suits to a customer, Tone Tailors will be “fitting” gear to our customers.

Online shop coming soon

We’re working hard behind the scenes getting our ecommerce site up and running.

True Tones

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